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Here at Chidora, we are committed to healthy hair care. We recognise that many of the things we do in the quest for great looking hair are actually very damaging – bleaching, straightening, relaxing etc. will gradually degrade the outer layers of the hair strand, leaving our hair weak and brittle and prone to snapping and breaking. Over the years, we’ve learnt lots about how to counteract the effects of these practices – we choose great conditioners, we use heat protectants and moisturising products, we sleep on silk pillowcases (yes we really do!), and so on.

But what happens in winter? Once it gets cold, we throw on a woolly hat and undo almost all of our good work. The wool absorbs the moisture from our hair and leaves it dry, brittle and unhealthy. Not so for Stella, the founder of Chidora , who has been lining all her winter hats with silk for two years and has created this range of silk-lined hat so that others can protect their hair in winter too.

All chidora hats are made from 100% wool and lined in 100% silk. They protect your hair, keep you warm, and the natural fibres still allow your head to breathe.

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