Painting of building

Dana Cowie is a painter and fine artist based in Canada.   She has exhibited at galleries around the world and her work has been featured in publications including House and Garden and The Mayfair.


Where did you grow up?
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was a steel town. Very blue collar in the 80's. I was brought up by my mom who went to University as a mature student throughout my childhood. I also have a brother. He's into design.
Have you moved around?  
Yes, I've moved over 35 times!  Mainly in Hamilton and Toronto, where I went to art school, but I also lived in Victoria, BC and Nagoya Japan. Now I live in the country - a recent move with my family. We live in a small town in Ontario. It's easier to be an artist in a small town I think. 
How did you get into your field of work?
I always knew I wanted to be an artist from a young age. I went to art school in Toronto in the 90's. Being an artist full time is challenging but it's an amazing job.
Describe a memorable moment in your life.
My mother passed away when I was a teenager (18) so I was left on my own and decided to then go to art school. That was 25 years ago.  

 Painting of children paddling

How has your job/ the industry changed over the years?
Every month it evolves as my technical skills get better and my life changes. I also learn about the business every day it seems.
What do you like most about your job?
I can create all day, work with my hands and I work from home. I like that as I'm a mom and I can be there for my kids. 

What is your work space like?

I used to have a huge bright studio in Hamilton but now I am working in a bedroom. We are saving up to renovate our attic into a studio. 

Do you have any hobbies?
I am a basic knitter, I like making healthy food, reading, travelling and I enjoy fashion and decorating.
I love reading novels after I put the kids to bed. They help me get out of my brain a bit. I especially read books about WWII, the holocaust and the persecuted church/bible smuggling books.  

Do you collect anything?   
Queen Elizabeth II anything - especially tins and teacups. I love the Queen.
 Female artist stood in front of painting
What do you look for in winter accessories? 
Warmth and fashion.
Choose a hat from our range and tell us how you would style it
I like to mix masculine/feminine looks. So I will wear things like a straight black velvet midi dress with an oversized blazer, lace up ankle boots, large charcoal scarf and the black beret with most of my hair tucked in save a few strands to frame the face.
What made you choose the black beret?
It's classic.
For more information about Dana and her work, visit her website here