Do you have resolutions to improve your hair's health this year?  Perhaps you're planning to minimize heat damage or establish a better maintenance routine.  Whatever your goals, here are 7 reasons why a journal should accompany you along the way…


The power of the written word

Many of us can be sceptical of journaling and find the act of writing down our thoughts tedious, pointless and cheesy. However studies show that when we write down a vivid description of a goal, we are significantly more likely to achieve it. 

Writing down your goals helps you to generate ideas and determine what you want.  It gives you focus and forces you to formulate a strategy.  The added self-accountability you feel when you put your goals on paper, increases your motivation to achieve them.


Understand which products are working

It’s the first day of your new hair routine.  You come across a hair guru who seems to ‘know her stuff’.  You immediately purchase the products that she recommends. You try the deep conditioner and religiously keep an eye on your hair length…for a week.  You then hear about a miracle serum that promises to strengthen your hair.  You’re in.  The hair conditioner is out.  And so the process continues.  Eight months pass and you meet a friend who compliments you on how much healthier your hair looks.  The problem is, you can’t for the life of you remember which products you have used and for how long.

When you regularly write down the products you are using and your daily hair routine, you can determine which ones are responsible for changes in your hair’s health more easily.  Make sure you include the purpose of each product you use, its negatives and positives and what results you have. Over time, you will learn what effects products and ingredients have on your hair.


Keep track of your growth

It can be difficult to keep track of hair growth.  Taking photographs or recording measurements in your journal, are simple ways you can monitor your progress.

It's important to determine how you will be measuring hair growth and health.  Length?  Number of strands in the comb after brushing?  In other words, you decide what healthy means to you.


Spend Less

Journaling can give clarity on how much you are really spending on your hair.  We often resent the things that negatively impact our financial situation, giving us the perfect excuse to give them up.  Use your journal to list all of your purchases and the reasons why you bought them.  Having all of your hair-related buys in one place allows you to budget.   Look over the list regularly to assess whether each product or service is still adding value.  


Reduce Stress

Stress is detrimental to our physical and mental health.  Studies have shown that when we feel stressed, we abandon our goals.   Embarking on a healthy hair journey can be invigorating, however obsessing over the speed of your hair growth or comparing your hair to others’ can be testing.  Journaling is an effective stress management tool that can help us to deal with these frustrations in a healthy manner.



Not only do journals give you a sense of where you are heading, they can also be a resource for you in the future.  Looking back at how you overcame your hair struggles could serve as a great motivator to face another challenge.


It’s Fun!

Journaling is supposed to be an enriching activity, not a chore.   Love collecting pictures?  Treat journaling as a scrapbooking exercise.  Prefer typing?  Use a word processor or App.  Make journaling your own.



Photo: Bookblock via Unsplash