Lulu Pierre

We catch up with Lulu Pierre, an entrepreneur, author and founder of faux locs brand Boho Locs.

Tell us about how Boho Locs began...
So basically, I was working from home doing hair in 2016. I developed the crochet locs because I wanted to have a quicker way of doing locs on people but it still look good, so I designed my own locs.
I then started posting them on my Instagram and the feedback and responses about the hair were amazing, and people all around the world wanted them.  That's when I developed the hair into a product and started shipping out from the states.


You have a huge client list and social media following.  How do you account for this huge growth?
I think it really starts with the product and customer service.  Also, our focus on getting the best products that make you feel a certain way is key.  We try and communicate how they make you feel in our marketing. I would also account a lot of our growth through word of mouth.  At current, we’ve had close to 10,000 customers and a lot of that is through people telling their friends and family.

  Naomie Harris


Describe a turning point in your life? A moment that really changed or defined you.

I think that would be 2017.  I was dating somebody who was extremely wealthy, from a really privileged background and he just didn’t see any barriers to success, so when I was talking about what I wanted to do, instead of saying 'well, how are you going to make that happen' and discouraging my ambitions, he just saw no blocks and there was no limit to what he saw I could do.  And that for me made me think, 'why am I putting limits on myself?' and that I need to break out of my mental cage and see what exactly it is that I can do.


You state that your life mission is to uplift girls with kinky, curly and afro hair. What was the driving force behind this?
I guess, when I was growing up, there wasn’t really that drive and self confidence in who you are, and your hair.  Instead, there was a lot of shame and embarrassment that is centred around black hair, and so for me, I just feel like that has passed now and we're in a new place.  Ultimately, it is just about providing self confidence and reassurance where historically there has been some lack.

 woman wearing faux locs

What was your relationship with your hair growing up? …And today?
I didn’t like my hair very much growing up.  Mainly because it broke often and was very thin.
Today however, I love it.  So, if I’m not wearing my Boho Locs, I’m quite happy to do a twist out or a braid out.  I’ve really learnt what my hair needs over the years so it’s a lot easier now to take care of my hair and to get the best out of it.


Your book ‘Parents Guide to Natural Hair Care for Girls’ was a number one bestseller. Can you tell us more about it and why you were inspired to write it?
Well, it was after I had my daughter who was just born with a lot of hair, and where for some people this would have been overwhelming and in fact despite being overwhelmed a little myself, it forced me to develop different ways of looking after her hair, and by the time she was three, her hair had literally reached her bum, so I decided that I would document the process for other people who were in a similar position.


 What is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is 'A Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley, and it's my favourite book because I think it's just very relevant. For me, I can’t get over the fact that it was written in 1920 but is so pertinent today, and it just says so much about the society we live in now and he is just my absolute favourite author. 


As a hair stylist, what is the number one query you get during the winter months, and what advice do you give?         How retain moisture in the hair, and my advice to that would be to use the loc method.  So go in with a liquid moisturiser, follow that with an oil, and then a cream leave in before you put in your protective style. That usually does the job.

If you could style anyone's hair who would it be and why?
I would love to do Beyonce’s hair.  I’m sure she’d look fantastic in Boho Locs.


Who's the most famous person whose hair you've styled?
That would be Naomie Harris, who is an Oscar Winning Actress and a very good friend of mine.


What do you look for in winter clothing and accessories?
Just something that is still sexy and cute but that keeps you warm. You want function and sexy appeal.


Whose opinions on clothes do you listen to?
No one, just my own.

woman wearing faux locs

What was your most recent purchase?
I bought a Mercedes Benz. 


 Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions?

Nope, not at all. I don’t do them, nor believe in them.  I believe you can make a resolution any day of the year.  It’s all about your commitment whether you're going to do it or not, and I don’t think it makes a difference if you make that commitment on January 1st or April 9th. It doesn’t make a difference, it’s an internal decision so I don’t believe in them.

 Naomie Harris and Afua Hirsch

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