We caught up with Victoria of  The US based blogger and journalist shares her blogging beginnings and exclusive natural hair care tips!



How did your blog come about?

Six years ago was simply a place where I could showcase my writing skills while sharing my natural hair journey, but since then has become a platform for women to express their curly hair successes and challenges.


What advice would you give to others on a natural hair journey?

Sure, your natural hair journey will be about hair, but the more your journey develops, the more you'll realize it's about self confidence too. Learn to love yourself.

What is the best thing about being natural?

The amount of hairstyles you can do. You can go from curly to straight in just an hour or two.

And the worst?

How long it takes to find your staple hair products. My challenge in the beginning was styling, because I never had to truly style my own hair prior to my big chop. With time, I've learned to master some of my favourite styles.



What is your number one natural hair care tip? 

Want your curls to love you? Show them some TLC by deep conditioning weekly.

Any particular products you'd recommend?

I love any product from the Shea Moisture or Honey Baby Naturals line.



Thank you Victoria!


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