With New York Fashion Week in full swing, we asked New York blogger Nkenge Brown to give us the lowdown on how to dress in the fashion capital...


1. Dark colours are always a win.

"There's never anything wrong with being a colourful person, but in a city like New York, there comes a time everyday where personal space is not a thing. Wearing dark colours helps hide that accidental coffee spill from last week, or the slight scruff someone made on your new sneakers while aggressively walking past you. If you're living a low-budget college lifestyle like moi and don't have the luxury of ubering everywhere you go, you'll always be safe with a dark/neutral coloured wardrobe."

2. Block heels are a godsend.

"Sneakers and block heels are my go-to shoes for any look. They both scream day to night and are super comfortable. Stilettos and me are never the right match, as I look like a toad just walking in them, especially on Soho's cobblestone roads. Know what works for you!"




3. Be confident.

"There's nothing like Naomi Campbell's iconic runway walk. She slays my existence every time she takes the stage. Now I'm not saying to walk like a runway model when you're walking down the street, BUT when you know your style, OWN IT. Be confident in yourself and what you wear. Trust me, it shows. And in a crowd of sore faces and bad moods, you'll stand out in the best way."

4. Don't overdo the fume. 

 "If you're a perfume girl, try not to get overly excited with the amount of sprays. One or two spritz should be fine and won't irritate the noses of people next to you the next time you're on a packed train."


 5. Minimal Accessories.

"I was never much of a jewellery person; however simple pieces such as studs or dainty rings work best for me when on the go. Heavy jewellery can knock against your chest or wrists, say, if you're running late for work or trying to catch a train. Small jewellery is more convenient when in the city."




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Nkenge Brown is the writer of fashion and lifestyle blog IT'S NKENGE. The blog journals her life in New York and discusses her style inspiration, hair and beauty how-tos and travel stories. Follow Nkenge at