Eva Gamon


Eva is an image consultant and artistic director based in Paris. She writes a fashion and lifestyle blog called Un Truc à la Mode and provides personal styling services for both personal and professional clients. Eva recently appeared on French fashion TV show 'Les Reines Des Encheres'.

Tell me about yourself...

I work in events, I'm an image consultant and I have  a blog called Un Truc à la Mode.

I recently created an application dedicated to image consulting.

In short, I’m a workaholic!


What does your job involve?

Which one ?

I do so many things at once!  All my work requires rigor and a lot of organisation.


What are your key styling tips for the colder months? 

Wear cashmere, silk and wool.  And most importantly, I always tuck my t-shirt into my trousers! 


What things are currently in style?

For clothes, I really like vinyl trousers.

For hats, the beret is back!

Eva Gamon


How would you style the beret?

With high-waisted jeans, a white t-shirt and a blazer with stripes.


What is your work space like?

I work from everywhere, I don’t really have a dedicated space. 

If I have my computer and good Wi-Fi, I can work from anywhere.


Who is your inspiration ?

Women in general inspire me! 

I'm inspired by street looks, and social networks of course!

Describe a memory that really stands out to you. 

My magic hikes in Los Angeles. I was able to live there for 4 months and it was a dream.

Los Angeles is my second home because part of my family live there.  I feel more connected with nature when I‘m there. I miss nature a lot in Paris.


What do you do in a typical day as an image consultant?

When I have an appointment with a client, we study his or her objectives, desires and needs together.  I tell the client about the different colours that go according to their complexion.  We talk about morphology, we talk about their style. I also do personal shopping. There’s so much to do!


How did you become an image consultant?

After my master's degree in communication, I did an internship at a makeover agency. I had a crush on that job. I then graduated as an image consultant. This job is a mix between fashion and psychology, it's so exciting!

Eva Gamon

For more information about Eva and Un Truc à la Mode, visit untrucalamode.fr

Eva wears the classic beret in black.  Currently reduced in the sale!

Photos: Instagram.com/UnTrucalaMode