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We spoke to Sharon of Nappy Hair Nation, a blog aimed at inspiring women worldwide to stay 'Natural, Fabulous and Free!'.  Sharon began her natural hair journey in 2002, long before the days of natural haircare videos on Youtube.  Sharon was met with a lack of information and guidance, and in a moment of panic, reached for the relaxer for her wedding day.  In 2009, a chance encounter with an inspiring Natural on the streets of Paris ignited Sharon's second attempt.  By this time, there was an array of products aimed at the natural movement, and Sharon has been able to embrace her natural hair ever since!




Sharon shares 3 great tips on how to love your natural hair...



"How to gain natural hair contentment:

1. Fall in love with YOUR texture


 Photo: Nappy Hair Nation Instagram







2. Keep it healthy



 Photo: Nappy Hair Nation Instagram







3. Never envy other textures.  Celebrate them!  We're in this together!"



 Photo: Nappy Hair Nation Instagram




For more from Sharon, visit her website Nappy Hair Nation.



Photo: Nappy Hair Nation Instagram.  Sharon wears the Chidora Classic Beret in Stone.  Shop it in the sale here.