Hair is made up of over 90% protein.  More specifically, it is formed of a protein called keratin which provides the structure of our hair strands.

Colouring, relaxing, heat styling and even aggressive brushing can cause damage to the structure of hair.  Protein conditioners, often called reconstructors, help to rebuild this structure and repair damage.  Using these from time to time will strengthen your hair and help it to withstand frequent combing and heat styling.

Look for the following ingredients in your conditioners - they should be within the first 6 or 7 listed:

  • collagen
  • cholesterol
  • keratin
  • panthenol
  • amino acids
  • wheat protein

Be sure to follow the instructions on your products regarding how ofen to use treatments and how long to leave them in your hair.  Protein conditioners are powerful so shouldn't be used every day.

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