Spare a thought for your hair as we enter the colder months.  All that blow-drying, brushing, heat-styling and braiding will play havoc with your strands.  Lessen the strain you put your hair under by swapping your hair tools for more gentle options.  Here’s my list of the top five gentle hair tools that your hair will thank you for using….

Soft, Stretchy Hair Ties

These pretty hair ties are made from silk and elastic – they are super gentle and won’t leave a dent in your hair like other bands.  They come in a huge range of beautiful colours – it’s great to know that being careful doesn’t mean you you can't be colourful!

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Snag-free Hair Elastics

Lots of hair elastics have metal pieces that can pull and snag at your hair.  Switch them for these Goody Ouchless bands - simple hair elastics that are oh so gentle.

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Seamless Comb

You may not realise it, but the majority of combs have a seam along each of the teeth. Your hair will catch on the tiny seams of a standard comb causing it to tear or split over time. Seamless combs like this one from 3 More Inches are made from rubber and your hair will thank you for the investment.

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Silk Scarf

Many headbands and hair accessories are made from jersey or cotton which can be very drying for your hair.  Opt for a silk or satin scarf and choose from endless ways of tying them for a unique look every day.

Silk scarf tutorial on Pinterest





Conditioning Cap

Now this is not cool AT ALL, but I don’t care because it does wonders for my hair.  Give your hair masks a boost with this LookGreat Heat Wrap – it applies gentle heat, allowing your favourite mask to work overtime, and leaving your hair super conditioned in just half an hour.

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Hope you find these useful!