focus photography of woman with pink hair bow facing on body of water

Photo: Tamara Bellis via Unsplash

Hair bobbles are our saving grace especially when we're having a bad hair day.  But did you know they could be causing more damage than they're worth?  Hair ties have been found to contribute to hair dryness, split ends and breakage.  The rubber material that hair ties are traditionally made from gives them their flexibilty and ability to self close, but can also catch on individual hairs and cause the hair to snag.  Most damage is done whilst sleeping, as we tend to toss and turn at night which causes more pressure on the follicles and across the hair shaft.

Luckily, we have found four alternatives that provide a secure hold for your up-do whilst keeping your hair healthy and happy...

1. Ribbons

Emerald green silk hair ribbon

Silk Hair Ribbon - Etsy

Ribbons are a chic replacement for hair ties.  The smooth fibres in ribbon allow it to glide against your hair and provide a friction-free hold.  Channel your inner Parisian with a ribbon-bound high puff bun.

2. Scrunchies

Gold silk scrunchie

Champagne silk hair scrunchie - Etsy 

The most hair-friendly bobbles are those that are covered in fabric, for example scrunchies.  The scrunchie can do everything the hair tie can do, but with the added bonus of protecting the hair from friction.  Always choose scrunchies made from smooth fabric such as silk which retains moisture in the hair and out of the scrunchie.  


3. Spiral Hair Ties

 silver coloured coil bobble

Spiral Hair Tie - Etsy

Standard hair bobbles allow you to tie your hair back tightly, which can lead to traction hair loss across the hairline. Repeated use of standard hair bobbles on the same area of hair can also cause the hair to kink and a type of breakage called trichorrbexis nodosa.   Spiral hair ties avoid the hair being pulled too tightly and instead distribute pressure evenly across the scalp and hair.

4. Silk-lined hats

woman wearing charcoal Beret

chidora classic beret in charcoal.

Silk-lined hats are a useful way to avoid hair ties altogether, but still keep hair away from your face. The silk lining nourishes your hair and protects your strands from harsh weather conditions.