I’m travelling back to my hometown for the Christmas break and whilst I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends and, crucially, not working, there is one major dilemma. Packing for the short break brings with it the question with no satisfactory answer: which hair products should I take?

I ask the same question every time I travel, but the Christmas break is somewhat different – I’m away for five days, will I wash it? I’m visiting family, will their deep conditioners be 'good' enough? Will I want to straighten or curl to go out with friends?

So many questions, and as I said no satisfactory answer. In the end I plumped for the following:

  • * Liquid moisturiser – Root2Tip Honey Rain Juice
  • * Cream moisturiser – Root2Tip Quench My Thirst
  • * Oil – castor oil
  • * Scalp tonic – Caffeine Power Energising Serum…
  • * Silk scarf

Apart from the scalp tonic, I’d say these were the essentials I’d need for even an overnight stay.  It does mean no washing (no leave-in or deep conditioners, no detangler), no straightening (no flatiron or heat protectant) and no curling (no flexirods or heated rollers) over the party season.  Hmm, I may end up raiding my sister’s stash and Sheffield’s finest hair supply stores before my return to London next week.

Have a Happy Christmas one and all.

Hair products for the holidays