Photos: Eveoaks

We spoke to Dutch blogger Eva Velt about her blog, photography and modelling career.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging at the end of 2015.  It started as a website with a collection of my photography and illustrations.  After I posted a look that drew attention, I uploaded more and more looks and my website slowly turned into a blog.  I never knew how much fun this could be!



Who or what inspires you?

In the blogging world, it’s definitely authenticity.  I love blogs/feeds that have their own identity and style.  I also get inspired by landscapes, documentaries, non-fictional books and inspiring talks with friends.


Tell us about your photography? What do you like to photograph?

It started when I was a little girl.  I used to be really into fashion photography and went completely over the top with outfits and make-up.  I feel almost embarrassed when I look at my early work.  

I always shoot outside and without any make-up artists.  I love to catch people’s true nature, rather than photographing another brushed up doll.  Lately, I’ve been focusing more on landscapes.


What camera/equipment do you use?

I only shoot digital and I use a Canon700d with a 1.8 lens and a wide angle lens.  I have many more on my wishlist but it’s so expensive.  However, I also shoot plenty of pictures with my iPhone.

You speak about your modelling career on your blog. How did you start modelling?

I got scouted several times on the internet, streets and festivals.  I never saw myself as a model.  I was that weird kid at school.

What has been your favourite modelling job so far?

Difficult to say; my answer always seems to change.  Now, I think the video jobs are my favourite.  You have more input into the results rather than being a still shot.  I’ve enjoyed working with Petrovsky and Ramone.  

What have you learned about modelling that you didn't know before?

The way the modelling world is covered by media isn’t true at all and it shouldn’t be displayed in a glitzy/glamour manner.  It’s hard work.  Psychologically and physically, you need to be at your best.  There is an unhealthy demand for a certain body type - very skinny.  It’s also weird that 'children' are the face of brands that are bought by a target group 20 years older than them.  I guess the only advice I can give to girls with model ambitions: only go abroad when you feel confident enough; don’t make it your ambition to be a top model, but see it as a fun learning experience; and, love your body no matter what a crazy casting director tells you.  You are beautiful.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

I can’t answer that question.  I’ve received a lot of wonderful advice.



What's next for your blog?

More colour coherence.  I’m also meeting up with other cool bloggers and photographers.  Besides this, I want to take my blog more into the sustainability area when it comes to clothes.  Lastly, I would like to write more researched articles.



Eva is the founder and voice behind Eveoaks, a fashion, photography and lifestyle blog.  Follow Eva along her journey at