The French beret, which took root in US and UK fashion during the 1930s and just never left, is an iconic and timeless piece in women’s style. The highly sought after Chidora beret in merino is a soft, relaxed beret with a silk lining that can add a classic and sophisticated mark to any outfit.

Today we look at how to style the beret in one of our bolder colours - damson

What to wear with the beret...

… on an evening


The rich damson works perfectly against an all black outfit. Choose a high neck top and a spot of gold jewellry for a clean and classic look that’s perfect for an autumn evening.

… On the Weekend


Going for Sunday brunch, or a stroll on an autumn weekend? Wear your damson beret with a comfortable tee, skirt and trainers. Too cold? Well layer up with a mixture of textures and create that laid back but stylish look.

As for colours, choose black, grey and white tones to compliment the rich burgundy shade.  The breton stripes might seem a little cliché but choosing black stripes over blue/ red is the key to staying on the right side of the line.

And for work…

While you may not wear your beret whilst actually in the office, it’s the perfect companion for the journey there. Choose a plain shirt and patterned bottoms to be right on trend this autumn.