Hands in waterMany people on the quest for a healthier “self” – be that their body, skin, hair or whatever – are usually trying to drink more water as part of their daily routine.  In the healthy hair world, most bloggers I follow are usually gunning for a daily target to drink between two and three litres of water! 

I personally started 2013 with a New Year’s Resolution to drink a modest one litre each day – not for my hair particularly but because I barely drank a single glass in a day and that didn’t seem right.  This year I’ve noticed that since I’ve been drinking more water, my hair feels stronger and grows faster, so there must be something in it.  But why is water such a vital part of a healthy hair routine? Does water just make everything grow?

I'm a bit of a geek so I did a bit of research and can present the lowdown on why water is so important for healthy hair…

Water gives hair its flexibility

When you pull at a strand of your hair it should stretch a little.  When it’s soaking wet and you pull at it, your hair will stretch even more.  This is because the moisture gives hair its malleability which helps it withstand the manipulation of frequent washing, combing and styling.  Very dry hair will snap immediately when you apply pressure because the moisture content is so low it can’t withstand any tension.

Water nourishes the scalp

To state the obvious, hair grows from the scalp and the scalp needs nutrients to keep functioning.  The best way to get moisture to our scalp and the rest of our skin is by keeping our bodies hydrated.  When you drink more water, you will see that your skin appears more supple and clear of blemishes.  Well the same goes for the scalp, issues such as dryness, itching and flakiness are often relieved by upping our water intake.

Water nourishes the hair follicle

When the scalp is hydrated, it ensures there is sufficient blood flow to the hair follicle.  Hair growth occurs when the cells at the follicle multiply and when these are well nourished we energize the nerve endings in the root – maximizing hair growth and health.

So that’s why water’s great for healthy hair, but why do we have to drink so much?

Well, our bodies are made up of 60 to 70% water and our hair is almost 25% water.  If we don’t drink enough to keep ourselves hydrated, then our body will prioritise where the water is most needed.  It doesn’t take a genius to work out that getting moisture to the scalp is a lower priority than getting water to the brain or heart, so your hair will tend to take the hit almost straight away.  However, this is also why you’ll see results pretty quickly if you start drinking more water.

So, if you don’t already – get drinking!

How much water are you drinking a day?  Have you noticed a difference when upping your water intake?  Leave your comments in the box below, I’d love to hear from you.

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