woman with red African threaded hair

Photo: Instagram.com/CharlotteMensah


Is there anyone better suited to give us some haircare tips than multi award winning afro hairstylist Charlotte Mensah?  With a huge celebrity following, Charlotte has become an industry authority on afro and curly textured hair. We asked her how to care for our locks during the winter months…


 “In cold weather climates, winter harsh winds and dry air can be brutal on our hair, so you will need to give your hair more  moisture and attention to keep it healthy and to protect your hair from the big chill”  

1. Protective-style it

Give your hair a rest by putting it in a protective style.  E.g Braids, weaves and wigs.

2. Mind the heat

Use roller sets instead of blow drying.



3. Give it the chop

Maintain regular trims every four to six weeks.



4. Deep condition

Always deep condition your hair when you’re colouring or getting weaves or braids. Deep conditioning helps your hair stay pliable, supple and shiny.

Charlotte Mensah Conditioner

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Conditioner



5. Don’t forget the ends

Whenever possible, apply a leave in conditioner - especially on the ends to keep frizz and split ends in check.