The colder months bring with them harsh winds, freezing snow and central heating cranked up high, and these can all wreak havoc on our hair. When the weather turns, you may find that your healthy hair routine that works so well in the warmer months needs a few little tweaks to keep your hair thriving through the cold.

Here are our five great tips to keep your hair healthy through the autumn and winter seasons…

1. Bump up your moisturising

The low temperatures and cold winds can really dry out your skin and your hair, so keeping things in check is all about moisturising. During the summer you may be able to get away with moisturising your hair once daily, or every couple of days. With the harsh winter winds though, you will need to step this up. If you currently moisturise at night, when the cold hits I would recommend you up this to every morning and night. If you moisturise every 2 days, I would up this to every day.

For an extra barrier against the cold never forget to follow with a small amount of oil or serum to seal in the moisture. The climate will be working against you to strip the moisture from your strands so you need to keep up your defence!

2. Switch up your moisturiser – lay off humectants

The air is much drier during the winter months and you may find that your regular moisturiser that works so well during the warmer months are working against you during the winter. Take a look at the ingredients in your moisturiser – it may be packed with moisture-grabbing ingredients known as humectants. Glycerin is the most common example - it attracts and binds to moisture from the environment and draws it into your hair. During the winter though, when the air is particularly dry, humectant can do the opposite – draw the moisture from your hair into the air and dry it out terribly! (For the scientists amongst you, it works just like osmosis).

If you find that your hair is drying out no matter what you do, it may be time to switch to a humectant-free moisturiser during the winter. Good examples are Hairveda Whipped Crème Ends Hydration or Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut and Lemongrass Transitioning Creme.

3. Step up your conditioning treatments

Show your hair some extra tender loving care during the colder months when it is ravaged by harsh winds. Deep moisturizing conditioners, replenishing masques and hot oil treatments are your hair’s best friends when the weather turns. Be sure to deep condition at least once a week with a good quality product - there are so many to choose from – to shore up your strands against the cold. To boost the effect of your treatment, pop on a plastic shower cap and apply some gentle heat with a heating cap or by wrapping a warm towel around your head. Leave this for thirty minutes whilst you relax and give your hair a mini spa treatment!

4. Dry your tresses

As tempting as it may be when you’re rushing out the door, if it’s very cold outside please try to properly dry your hair before heading out. Wet or damp hair can freeze in cold temperatures and damage the cuticle layer of your strands, leaving it weak and breaking. We know that air drying is preferable for healthy hair, but if it’s a cross between going out into the cold with wet hair, or using the blow dryer, I would recommend you blow dry on cool to protect your hair. If you absolutely must step out with damp hair, make sure you tie it all up and put on a hat to keep your head warm.

Silk-lined red beanie5. Line your beanies with silk

Make sure you keep yourself warm with woolen hats and beanies. However, wool and rough fibres strip vital moisture from your hair leaving it dry and brittle – they’re another reason that the cold months play havoc on your hair. Make sure that all your extra effort moisturising is not in vain and take care to line your winter headwear with silk or satin. Silk is preferable, as the natural fibre will allow your head to breathe.

If you're handy with a needle and thread, you can buy some silk and line your hats yourself. Alternatively, take a look at the range of silk-lined hats in the Chidora shop such as this red this beanie.

Photo Credit: yooperann via Compfight cc