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Lambswool beret with silk lining in damsonWhat's wrong with woolly hats?

Here at Chidora we understand that a woolly hat, like the perfect pair of jeans, is a staple. Both practical and fashionable. Desirable, but also essential. However, have you ever wondered what woolly hats are doing to your hair? Wool absorbs moisture from hair leaving it dry and weak and prone to breakage. Now if your hair is curly, coloured or chemically treated, then you'll know just how crucial moisture is to keeping it strong, healthy and in good condition.

So what's right with Chidora hats?

It's simple really – the layer of silk. The silk lining that we've stitched into each Chidora hat acts as a protective barrier from the wool. It helps keep the moisture in your hair and out of your hat, it prevents your strands tangling with the wool, and they look great... all in all, they love your hair!